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If you have shown interest in this program, we believe you are concerned about your weight and overall health. Our lifestyle coach will help you reach and stay at a healthy weight over the long term by making easy habit changes.

Additionally, our coaches are certified and equipped to handle medical concerns. In case of medical concerns, a customized weight loss program is planned keeping your medical issues in mind.

The standard GOQii Coaching Plan is for those who want health guidance & advice. This program is customized to your specific needs of weight management and has many more features.
The features of this program are as follows:
  • Personalized coaching by an experienced & certified lifestyle coach
  • Phone consults and regular follow ups
  • Daily Diet plans, recipes & recommendations
  • Regular chats with your coach
  • Doctor consultations
  • Curated weight loss content (Videos, Blogs)
  • Get a Health Risk Assessment score from the coach
In addition to this, you will also get
  • A GOQii Balance Body Composition Weighing Scale offering Body Composition Analysis
  • A GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Tracker
You will also get access to our in app features like the GOQii Play, GOQii Health Store, GOQii Arena etc for the duration of your program.
  • A personalized health coach is assigned to you
  • A telephonic or video conversation with your coach to understand your goals and lifestyle, takes place. Coach recommends a few easy but effective habit changes
  • Depending on your lifestyle, a menu plan is prepared & approved by the coach
  • You are expected to stay active on the app and keep us updated about your basic routine.
  • Your coach stays in touch with you via chats so you are free to interact and clear your doubts and concerns
  • You are also prompted to weigh yourself at regular intervals using the GOQii Body Composition Scale which tracks across parameters. We share reports to update you of the progress
  • At regular intervals, your coach does call consults to review your progress. Based on their analysis and our progress, new habits are set
  • Doctor consultations is available in this 3 months GOQii Transform Weight Management Program
  • Experts regularly discuss your goal progress with your coach and ensure things are on track
  • We share educational and personalized content with you in the form of Videos, blogs etc which you should consume & practice to ensure good results.
  • Access to GOQii’s Curated Health Store products which are healthy & you can safely consume during the course of this program
One of the biggest drawbacks of dieting is a huge caloric deficit. At GOQii, we do not support mindless dieting, we believe in healthy & mindful eating. We will provide you with a meal plan consisting of breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner options. Depending on your goals & your past habits, these would be customized.
Calorie counting is difficult as it is near impossible to predict the calories accurately. Your coach will instead focus on what you eat and help you manage the portion size based on your goals. They will use a tracking and feedback mechanism to help adapt to healthy eating habits.
We do not guarantee any weight loss but if you follow the suggestions/tasks given by the coach, you will certainly experience positive changes and results in your overall weight and body measurements.

There is a 'no Money back' policy in this program.

As mentioned above, our program is designed to focus on Healthy eating, Regular exercise and Emotional wellbeing. If followed religiously there is no reason why you would not see positive results.

This program is exclusively for an individual who has signed up for this program. Counseling of family members is not included in this package.
No. You cannot transfer this program to someone else once you begin the program.
GOQii Devices are completely covered for all Manufacturing Defects for a period of 1 year. Read GOQii Terms & conditions -
At the end of the plan, your coach will advise you about the next steps based on your progress. Accordingly the renewal plan would be shared.