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3 months Personal Coaching with GOQii Balance

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Product Specifications

Brand Name GOQii
Product Name Body Composition Monitor
Product Model GOQii Balance
MRP Rs 3,999 (Incl of all Taxes)
Box Consist 1(N) GOQii Balance Body Composition Monitor 1(N) User Manual 1(N) Activation Code with 3months coaching subscription and Batteries
Origin Made in China , Assembled and Designed in India
Imported By GOQii Technologies Pvt Ltd, 101 Satyam Tower Govandi East Mumbai 400088
For any Queries GOQii Technologies Pvt Ltd, 101 Satyam Tower Govandi East Mumbai 400088. Live Chat From Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm

Additional information

  • Measures weight, muscle mass, BMI, Bone mass, body fat, water content, body score, Basal metabolism and Visceral fat
  • Produces accurate stats via a series of complex algorithms and advanced Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)
  • Auto on/off and large Display LED with backlight
  • To Prevent slip and fall, the polished glass features anti-slip finish to ensure sturdy grip needed
  • Multiple users for convenient using, supports 8 people
  • GOQii Balance body Composition monitor syncs your data to GOQii app for viewing your data in one easy-to-read graph - making easier to track your progress and take control of your activities
  • Batteries are included with this device. It uses 4 AAA batteries. Low battery and overload Indication
  • The weight range is 5Kg - 180 kg. Operating ambient temperature: 0-40C
  • Compatible with devices running android 4.4 and above, as well as iOS 8.0 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 technology/in GOQII family care plan, you get a personal coach and doctor for the subscription period
  • This purchase of GOQii family care plan can be claimed as tax benefit under section 80D
  • GOQii body Composition monitor SL not be used by underage minors, pregnant mothers and individuals with electronic medical implant such as pacemaker/24x7 live chat. Click on settings/support on the app & choose the live chat option.
  • In-box Contents: 1 Body Composition monitor, 4 AAA batteries, user Manual, Activation card

About GOQii

GOQii is one of the world?s leading health & lifestyle coaching platforms. Headquartered in California with offices in Mumbai and Shenzhen, GOQII is dedicated to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle with the combination of advanced wearable technology, the world?s leading experts, coaches, doctors and karma.

New GOQii Balance body composition monitor engineered for the Health-Conscious, GOQII Balance body composition monitor with large display led with back light provides in-depth measurements of not only your weight, but also other key measurements that can aid you in optimum weight management.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is the common method used by body composition monitors to calculate body composition.

GOQii Balance body composition monitor uses The BIA technology that produces accurate stats via a series of complex algorithms, and uses that to calculate the total body water. From the total body water, it can Estimate the following body compositions.

The weight range is 5Kg - 180 kg and it supports multiple users for convenient usage, supports 8 user profiles.

Body composition data
  • 1. Weight
  • 2. Muscle mass
  • 3. BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • 4. Bone mass
  • 5. Body fat
  • 6. Water content
  • 7. Body score
  • 8. Basal metabolism
  • 9. Visceral fat.
Body composition monitor is not intended to use for the following
  • 1. Underage minors
  • 2. Pregnant mothers
  • 3. Patients wearing electrical medical devices such as pacemaker.
  • Note: Please put GOQii Balance Body Composition Monitor on hard floor to get accurate readings.

Key Features

Body Composition Data

Measures Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass, Protein, Skeletal muscle, Basal Metabolic Rate and Water Content. The measurable weight range is from 5kgs to 180 kgs.

Blutooth Connectivity

Uses BIA Technology (Bio Impedance Technology) which increase the accuracy and reliability over traditional analysis methods. Easy Bluetooth connectivity.

Multi User Frequency

GOQii Balance Body Composition Monitor records stats for upto 8 users and provides progress graphs for each individual user. You can track the individual stats of each user by connecting the monitor with GOQii App.

Train and Consult


GOQii gives you the option to choose your nutritionist, personal trainer and wellness expert to motivate you and support you in the right steps towards your well-being.


This integrated service connects you with a board certified general practitioner who can provide preventive consultations over emails and calls.

GOQii Play

This is an interactive live-video platform where you can get inputs from fitness experts as they talk about lifestyle tips and perform fitness workouts.

GOQii Ecosystem and Health Store

Health Locker

GOQii provides its users and their selected family members with unlimited cloud storage to Health Locker to record their medical tests and readings

Health Store

GOQii Health Store is a holistic services marketplace. offering a range of health related products and services. We have partnered with various companies that offer healthy, natural and organic products to make a positive lifestyle change.


GOQii ecosystem combines a Fitness Tracker, an App, Care Team including a Personal Coach, Experts and a Doctor. Through Karma, GOQii enables you to walk, earn and donate karma points to social causes.