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GOQii Health PlansPolicy

End of Subscription

  • At the end of your subscribed plan you need to renew your coaching services.
  • However, if you choose not to renew your subscriptions you don’t have return your GOQii band. You can continue to use your GOQii band and GOQii application with no additional charges. Only the coaching services will discontinue.


  • Visit www.goqii.com/renewals or contact your coach or write to renewals@goqii.com for any offers.


  • GOQii Tracker (Device) is completely covered for all manufacturing defects for the duration of your subscription plan.
  • To avail the warranty, you would have to raise a support ticket via the GOQii APP.
  • You will have to courier the GOQii Device without the strap to the GOQii office.
  • On receipt of the same, GOQii will send you a new Device.
  • Kindly Note:
  • Warranty would not be applicable in case you lose your Tracker or damage it.
  • Warranty would not be applicable on the GOQii strap.

Cancellation and Return Policy:

  • You can return your GOQii to the Company within a week; (07) days of delivery by placing a "Cancel Order" request by phone call with the Company’s Customer Care Centre on 18003130390 or via email to support@goqii.com. Returns will only be accepted for unused product(s) and you will be required to dispatch the product using a reputed courier in your respective area within one (1) day from receipt of CANCEL ORDER request. Products must be returned in brand new and unopened condition with all the original packing, tags, inbox literature, scratch card, freebies and accessories.
  • It is advised that the return packets should be strongly and adequately packed so that there is no damage to the products during transit. The returned products are subject to verification and checks by GOQii in order to determine the legitimacy of the complaint / return.
  • All eligible refunds against Cancellation or Returns of Orders will be subject to deduction of 2.5% Transaction Fee of the Product Price paid, to cover Banking, Transaction charges and Surcharges. Additionally, GOQii will deduct Rs. 100/- to cover Shipping and Handling Charges and the balance would be refunded to you. By requesting a refund the company is given to understand that you agree to the charges and terms set forth herewith.
  • All refunds will be completed within 7-21 working days via a reversal or payment to your account or via cheque, depending on the current circumstances as determined by GOQii.
  • The cost for returning the package must be borne by you.


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Additional information

  • Integrated GPS tracker which allows you to track real time activity in run/walk/cycle modes, it has 6 screens in which you can track steps, distance, pace, calories burned, heart rate and duration
  • Monitors your heart rate accurately
  • Track your activity and sleep
  • Separate charger is not required, USB integrated charger present on device, connect the core to USB port of laptop, power bank or any mobile charger for charging
  • Connects wirelessly via bluetooth to goqii iOS (ver 8.0 and above) or android app (ver 4.3 and above)
  • Inbuilt battery once charged will lasts for 7 days in case of normal usage and 8 hours in GPS mode
  • This purchase of goqii family care plan can be claimed as tax benefit under section 80d
  • In GOQii family care plan you get a personal coach and doctor for the subscription period of 3 months plus doctor consultation for your selected family members
  • GOQii band's comes with one year warranty
  • In-Box Contents: Fitness Tracker, Run GPS Core, Activation Code Scratch Card for 3 months subscription and User Manual

About GOQii

GOQii is one of the world’s leading Health & Lifestyle Coaching platforms. Headquartered in California with offices in Mumbai and Shenzhen, GOQii is dedicated to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle with the combination of advanced wearable technology, the world’s leading experts, coaches, doctors and karma. 

New GOQii Run GPS

With integrated GPS tracker which allows you to track real time activity in run/walk/cycle), it is a device which will revolutionize the fitness industry as it will help you in daily tracking of number of steps taken and how much distance you have covered.

Key Features

The GPS tracking will work with exercise modes run, walk and cycle. Following are the parameters of tracking for both GPS and non- GPS modes:

  • Run and walk mode (GPS and non GPS) : Distance, duration, heart rate, pace, calories, steps
  • Cycling GPS mode: Distance, duration, heart rate, pace
  • Cycling non GPS mode: Duration, heart rate
  • Workout mode (GPS is not active in this mode): Duration, heart rate, heart rate can be continuously tracked in Goqii run-GPS by enabling the continuous heart rate option from tracker settings. It will track heart rate in every 5 minutes.

Integrated USB Charger

GOQii tracker comes with an integrated USB charger on its core device. Remove the core device from your band and connect it to the USB port on your laptop, power bank or any mobile charger to charge.

In-Box Contents

The Box contains a scratch card with an Activation code. Download GOQii app from the Google play store or Apple iOS App Store and enter the code on the app to activate your GOQii Life subscription.

From the manufacturer

Key Features

With integrated GPS tracker which allows you to track real time activity(run/walk/cycle modes), help you in daily tracking of number of steps taken, calories burned and how much distance you have covered.
The 'Exercise Mode' on the new GOQii tracker enables you to track and monitor your steps, heart rate and time duration of your activities. The 'Exercise Mode' on the new GOQii tracker enables you to track and monitor your steps, heart rate and time duration of your activities.
Whether it’s a morning jog or an evening workout, you can track your fitness routine conveniently for up to 7 days without worrying about the device running out of charge. Its is tested under normal usage and you can save the battery by switching off from GPS mode when not in use.

Train and Consult

GOQii gives you the option to choose your coaches, nutritionist, personal trainer and wellness expert to motivate you and support you in the right steps towards your well-being.
This integrated service connects you with a board certified general practitioner who can provide preventive consultations over emails and calls.
This is an interactive live-video platform where you can get inputs from fitness experts as they talk about lifestyle tips and perform fitness workouts.

GOQii Ecosystem and Health Store

GOQii Health Store is a holistic services marketplace. Offering a range of health related products and services. We have partnered with various companies that offer healthy, natural and organic products to make a positive lifestyle change.
GOQii provides its users and their selected family members with unlimited cloud storage to Health Locker to record their medical tests and readings
GOQii ecosystem combines a Fitness Tracker, an App, Care Team including a Personal Coach, Experts and a Doctor. Through Karma, GOQii enables you to walk, earn and donate karma points to social causes.